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Croikeys is a pixel-perfect collection of 555 animated crocodile artworks created by Poeblius.

Owning a Croikey unlocks Community Membership at Monks Café, access to Monks Private Alpha, and grants priority access to Poeblius, his ecosystem, and all upcoming drops for the 2023 season.

Explore the full collection with our Rarity Tool or Collect now on OpenSea!



Croikeys is a unique and diverse collection featuring over 150 hand drawn and randomly assigned attributes. Each piece is made up of 7 layers that come together to create a cute, one-of-a-kind experience.

No two pieces are exactly alike.


The Croikeys NFT Collection, created by Poeblius, has been brought to Ethereum

in partnership with Monks Café and Plagued Labs. Backed from the very beginning by a diligent group

of NFT enthusiasts, collectors, creators, and developers, Croikeys are NOT just animated JPEGs.


Each Token also serves as an Alpha Key which unlocks Community Membership at Monks Café and exclusive access to Monks Alpha. Owners of Croikeys also receive first priority access to Poeblius, his ecosystem, and all upcoming drops for the 2023 season.


Community Backed

From the Beginning


IPFS Hosted, On-chain 

Coming Soon...


Exclusive Access to Community + Alpha


...The Team

Illustrator, Animator, and Pixel Artist. Full-time cat dad and crocodile enthusiast.
Untitled 02-11-2023 09-05-16.PNG
Creator / Owner of Monks Café. Veteran Trader and vibe coordinator.
Untitled 02-11-2023 09-05-16.PNG
Smart Contract Wizard, OG Mint Maker, & Deployer of Croikeys. That's all we know.
Untitled 02-11-2023 09-05-16.PNG


What is the Total Supply / Cost? (SOLD OUT)

555 Total Supply. Free to Mint for 555 chosen Whitelisters. If all Croikeys are not claimed within 24hours, they will be available for purchase at a price point of .01 ETH. 

What is the Contract Type?

ERC-721A. Click here to view on Etherscan.

Is there Utility?

Croikeys utility can be found within it's Community and Alpha. Our main focus is on education and empowerment to creators and traders. We want to see you succeed.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is essential. Alpha = knowledge. Knowledge about new or upcoming drops, whether or not a new collection is safe to mint, what projects our team is getting into, and maybe most importantly - new information about the fast paced and ever evolving world of NFT's. We pride ourselves on being among the first to know about new trends and developments in the space and have a proven track record to show for it. Check out @MonksAlpha on twitter or just get yourself a Croikey and join us in discord!

Where can I buy Croikeys?

Our Secondary Marketplaces are on OpenSea or Blur. To prevent cases of fraud, scams, and fake NFT's, please refrain from trading Croikeys on other unauthorized marketplaces or from following any links to Croikeys NFT Collections except those expressly provided by us here on our Official Website, our Official Social Medias, or our Official Discord - Monks Café.

How are Rarity Scores and Rankings Calculated?

[Individual Trait Rarity Score] Formula :

= 1 / ([# of Items Including that Trait] / [Total # of Items in the Collection])

[Individual NFT Rarity Score Ranking] Formula :

= Sum of All Individual Trait Rarity Scores Comprising Individual NFT

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